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Colour Crates
  • Colour Crates


    Colour Crates

    Designed for creative home organizing and storage.

    Different sized crates for proper functional useand in a design that is easy to understand.

    Made from 100% recyclable food safe pp-plast, capable of going into the dishwasher for easy clean.

    Designed to fold completely flat, saving 75% of space when not in use.

    from AYKASA





    27x17,  h11 cm

    volume 4 liters

    loading capacity 2,5 kg

    weight 180 g

    100% recyclable



    40x30, h14 cm
    volume 14,5 liters
    loading capacity 8 kg
    weight 450 g
    100% recyclable


     Easy to use, foldable and stackable


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