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Not Just a Shop

Window Design


Not Just a shop, the University of Arts London Alumni shop.

I was comissioned to develop a Christmas window design.

The illustration should be bold, using the Christmas theme and call attention of people passing by .

From the beggining I wanted to use bold shapes build with different textures and patterns, the same as I use in my illustration work. I started by developing several compositions with abstract shapes that could represent some Christmas elements. I experiment a lot with collage in order to re arrange shapes and create new textures. I thought that one of Christmas strongest and more universal symbols was the Christmas tree. So from there, I directed my bold shapes into a composition that would represent this icon with bold colours and patterns in an asymmetric arrangement.

The elements are organised within 3 different plans, being the 1st plan the window vinyl, the second one the big central triangle, and the 3rd and last the cardboard pieces hanging.

View from inside the shop and from the outside.

The translucent acrylic allows the design to stand out and at the same time doesnt block the view to the inside where all the products are displayed.

Some of the shapes created where also used inside the shop so the design would spread and interact with the interior and the products displayed.

The interior of the shop and product display were made by ExhibeoVM

Client: University of Arts London


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